Less gripping area means more endurance resulting in maximum muscle performance.

Assist-a-Grip attaches securely to most weight equipment, from dumbbells and barbells to all types of gym equipment.

Owning your own pair of Assist-a-Grips protects you from the spread of germs found on previously used equipment.

Improved efficiency in your workout. Offsets fatigue by 30%.

Assist-a-Grip reduces "grip fatigue" from clenched, tight fisted gripping because of its open-grip technology design. 

Open grip means 30% POWER TRANSFER to intended, targeted muscle groups. 

The Assist-a-Grip may help those who suffer from arthritis, paralysis, and other physical limits. 

  • More comfortable 
  • 20 Square inches of grip area 
  • Leverages strength to targeted muscles by 30% 
  • Improved cardiovascular response 
  • No more broken nails or bruised hands 
  • Hygienically safer indirect contact 
  • Personally owned weight-training accessory 
  • Great for aerobic programs too - especially when using lightweight dumbbells
  • Personally owned weight-training accessory

All products made in the USA.

Assist-A-Grip Ordering Info

Item 1 Set
without strap
with strap
$13.00* ($26.00 for Int'l orders)

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